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Why  join?


We help you where others fail

through our experts we are able to offer you quality services for all your needs

Three reasons to sign up

Third sector

We are a social promotion association, we are able to offer subsidized services compared to other competitors.

We help those in difficulty

Do you have a legal problem and don't have time to deal with bureaucracy? We'll take care of it thanks to our brokerage service.


At your disposal we put a team of lawyers and lawyers expert in civil law

Come posso iscrivermi?

Basta compilare il modulo (riportato qui sotto) e inviarlo a verrai contatto entro 15 giorni lavorativi. 

Per completare l'iscrizione è necessario effettuare il pagamento di euro 200
La quota associativa serve a coprire i costi di gestione, e a pagare i professionisti che ti aiuteranno. l'iscrizione ha una durata annuale. 

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